Large Family Garden Design Templeogue

Large Family Garden for fun, rest & relaxation!

South Dublin, Templeogue, Dublin 16
Services Undertaken:

Site & Design Consultation, Garden Design, Garden Construction, Planting

Sinuous Pathways, Multiple Terraces, Custom Water Feature
Over 30 trees planted including ornamental apple and pear, multistem birch, acers, carpinus, large specimen Japanese maples, mulberry, cherry, sorbus, tree ferns. We also planted over 600 mixed perennials, grasses and shrubs such as verbena, miscanthus, carex, geranium, stipa, stachys, salvia, lavender, rosa, pieris, rhododendron, arabis, campanula and more.

This large format garden began from a need to access their new garden room, we have met this need and far beyond. In a garden like this there are multiple suntraps throughout the day, and we have embraced each as its own nook in an otherwise vast expanse. These multiple terraces also allow for a growing family to each have their own independent space with friends or partners along with a main terrace for everybody to come together.

Evenings are possibly the best time in this garden, the sunlounge terrace is forgotten in favour of the secluded firebowl area. Surrounded by Lush Tree Ferns the area evokes a dramatically tropical setting.

The multiple layers of paving & beds are emphasised using low hedging and really comes to life in the evening as you look on from the kitchen & living room windows. Bollard lights meander down the pathway, the soft glow of the Granite contrasts to the black limestone edging while a wash of light casts shadow onto the pristine wall surrounds.

We recently returned to this garden for some top-up garden maintenance. Check out the newest pictures and videos of the garden below in full bloom.


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