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LandArt prides itself on the fact that we are one of the very few professional landscape companies that also offers a full horticultural service for our clients. We have a team of trained and experienced horticulturists, specialising in creating planting masterpieces. If your garden would benefit from large screening trees for privacy, if hedging is needed to define your property, you require a redesign of your planted borders or if you just need expert help to create seasonal interest, be sure to get in touch!

Do You Require Screening Trees?

If you are looking for screening trees, you have come to the right place! LandArt are experts in sourcing and planting screening trees, such as pleached trees, espalier trees and large evergreen trees.
We have noticed a huge increase over the last few years in the number of projects requiring large screening trees, mainly due to the increase of new builds in the market. In Ireland, the vast majority of our boundary walls and fences in the rear of our gardens, are around 1.8 metres tall. This rarely is sufficient to provide any significant and comfortable privacy in your garden. Raising the height of the fence or wall can cause great concern to neighbours and can cause structural problems down the road. Screening trees, such as espalier trees, are a great way to add privacy to the garden. They also have the added benefit of reducing noise pollution, air pollution and act as little ecosystems for local wildlife.
Planting screening trees is a big investment and to plant them correctly requires a great deal of knowledge, skill, and experience. Thankfully, here at LandArt, we are the experts at supplying and planting screening trees for privacy.

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Hedges: structure with environmental benefits

Do you need advice on which is the right hedge for your garden? Here at LandArt we can offer you expert advice and help to decide which is the most suitable hedging choice. We will source and plant your hedge for you, all as part of the service.
Hedges create living boundaries to our gardens, providing foliage texture and architectural interest all year round. Add to this that they are homes to wildlife and provide numerous environmental benefits (ecosystem services), and it’s certainly worth considering them when replacing fences and walls. Unlike fences and walls, hedges provide benefits for us and the wildlife that lives in our gardens. They have the natural ability to capture pollution, reduce noise, mitigate flooding and provide food and shelter to wildlife. Hedges provide numerous other environmental and practical benefits. These include sheltering, cooling and temperature regulation as well as carbon sequestration and phytoremediation of soil pollutants. Additionally, they can reduce stress levels in humans through visually stimulating us.

LandArt are experts at sourcing and planting all sizes of hedges, to suit your needs and budget. Common hedging plants that we often use in our gardens are:
• Cherry Laurel
• Portuguese Laurel
• Prunus Genolia
• Yew
• Box
• Bay
• Photinia Red Robin
• Holly
• Grisilinia
• Privet
• Beech
• Hornbeam
• Eleagnus

Small Planting Jobs

If you have a mini soft landscaping project in mind, LandArt can also help. We will create seasonal planting schemes, plant seasonal bedding in pots, plant up hanging baskets and give your garden that extra lift of colour throughout the seasons, especially if there are gaps in flowering periods. We can replace dead or dying plants and give suggestions for new planting in all areas of the garden.

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Selling Your Property?

LandArt can offer our gardening services to customers who are selling their properties. A beautifully planted garden, with lush verdant planting, will add instant curb appeal and is an easy way to add value. Buyers these days are more and more frequently requesting privacy for their garden. A property with gardens that feel private and safe, with large privacy screening trees, will dramatically increase the properties appeal. Estate agents will always agree, that beautifully planted and private properties, will always sell quicker and fetch a higher price.

Are You Building A New Home Or Renovating An Existing Property?

If you are building a new home or renovating an existing property, we can offer a design and planting service. LandArt can design your garden, the builder on site can take care of the hard landscaping and we can follow on and carry out all the planting and lawns once the builder has completed his contract. It is often the case that the projects architect has allowed for hard landscaping a part of the overall construction tender, but it is usually not very well thought out, as an Architects expertise lies with the design of the building and not in the garden design. The design of the garden should be carried out by an experienced Landscape Architect or Garden Designer. LandArt can help create a beautiful and functional garden design for your project.

We have also found this design and planting service to work particularly well when there is no architect on site and the appointed building contractor has a budget figure in for hard landscaping, but really needs expert garden design advice and direction on how to create the hard landscaping elements of the garden. We can then follow on and carry out all the planting and lawns once the builder has completed his hard landscaping contract.

Remember, a beautifully designed garden not only looks fantastic, is a pleasure to be in and enjoy, but also complements the property and significantly increases its value.

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Low Maintenance Planting

Do you require a low maintenance planted garden? Do you find that you do not have enough time in your busy schedule to maintain and care for your garden? LandArt can help create a low maintenance planted garden. Low-maintenance plants are generally quite tough. They look good in your garden for a long time, and don’t require complicated pruning or feeding.

Here are some of our favourites:

  • Topiary
  • Olive trees
  • Japanese maples
  • Tree ferns
  • Lavender
  • Hydrangeas
  • Asters
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Geums
  • Hardy Geraniums
  • Most shade-loving shrubs
  • Alpines

Whether you have a small low maintenance planting project or a large low maintenance planting project, LandArt are here to help.

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Planting Consultation:

As our Design Studio is located in Doyles Nursery and Garden Centre, we can offer a complimentary plant picking consultation at the garden centre, as part of the overall experience. Once the quotation for works has been accepted and deposit has been received, we can organise to meet with you at the garden centre and we will discuss some of the plants we are thinking of using and to get your approval. This will all happen before planting begins, to ensure peace of mind to our clients. We offer this service to our Planting customers and to our Design & Build customers.

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We specialise in supplying and planting the following:

• Deciduous trees and evergreen trees of all shapes and sizes
• Planting large screening trees for privacy
• Espalier trees and pleached trees for privacy
• Evergreen trees for screening
• Large feature specimen trees
• Mature hedging to create and instant look
• Hedging to define boundaries
• Climbers to cover walls or fences
• Balls, domes, cones, spirals, pompoms, clouded shrubs
• Topiary for flower beds
• Topiary for pots
• Seasonal bedding plants for pots and flower beds
• Specialist planting for roof terraces or roof gardens
• Drought tolerant planting
• Low maintenance planting
• Acid loving planting
• Coastal planting
• Gravel or pebble garden planting
• Rockery planting
• South facing planting
• Woodland planting
• Shade tolerant planting
• Contemporary style planting
• Cottage style planting
• Prairie style planting
• Native planting
• Mediterranean style planting
• Period style planting
• Planting for all seasons interest
Garden Maintenance

A beautifully planted garden can only be kept as beautiful as intended through ongoing care, and our team of qualified horticulturalists are skilled in all areas of garden maintenance to grow your landscape to its full potential.

We pride ourselves on the expertise of our horticulturalist team and work closely with our clients to create a tailored maintenance program to ensure their gardens remain a stunning feature of their home.

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