Crisp Curves in Stillorgan

Crisp Curves Garden Design in Stillorgan

Services Undertaken:

Site & Design Consultation, Garden Design, Garden Construction, Planting, Ongoing Maintenance

Sinuous Curved Terrace, Stepping Stones, Existing Stone Wall
Cloud Form Photinia, Olive Lollipop trees, Japanese Maple, Laurel, Buxus, Agapanthus Alba, Hydrangea, Lavender, Agastache, Convolvulus Cneorum, Scabiosa.

The brief for this garden design in Stillorgan was to create a space where teenagers and parents alike could make full use of their compact garden.

As the back of the house looking out from the kitchen is mostly glass the view outward from the kitchen it was really important that the garden not only looked beautiful from the inside but complimented the décor of the kitchen.

Curved lines softly define the terrace and flush lawn, allowing an uninterrupted flow of space. The garden is well-proportioned and maximizes both usability and aesthetics.

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We recently returned to this garden for some top-up garden maintenance. Check out the newest pictures and videos of the garden below in full bloom.


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