Opulent Courtyard Garden Design

Opulent Outdoor Courtyard Garden Design – L.A. Style!

Carrickmines, Co. Dublin
Services Undertaken:
Brick Garden Planter Walls, Porcelain Patio, Travertine Tiles, Dividing ‘Blade’ Wall
Birch grove of varying sizes comprising of single and multistem Jacquemontii. Underplanted with red stem dogwoods and Libertia grandiflora. Very rare, forced grown specimen Acer dissectum, large specimen Olea europea, Lavendula, Rosemarinus, Campanula, Geranium brookside, Helianthenum, Hydrangea Annabelle, Agapanthus storm, Yellow bamboo, climbing Hydrandea and Clematis.

When our client first asked us to design his rear garden, he said he just can’t imagine what could be done to improve the space, as it was so dated and dull looking. He needed professional design help, so we took on the challenge and designed and built a bright, contemporary, inviting and usable space.

This beautiful Courtyard Design has material combinations that wash the garden in light and luxury. Textural interest and contrasts are throughout, from the pale grouted charcoal brick to the smooth pebble inset steeping stones.

Sunlounges face a manicured lawn and impressive specimen trees, offering partial shade in the midday sun. This Courtyard could fit equally well in L.A. as Carrickmines. The sun-drenched impression in the flawless white ‘blade’ wall echoes in the white Birch tree barks above, offering dappled cover and a grove of opulent coverage within the surrounding neighbourhood.


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We recently returned to this garden for some top-up garden maintenance. Check out the newest pictures and videos of the garden below in full bloom.


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