Lavish Garden Living Room Blackrock

Garden Title: Lavish Garden Room Blackrock

Blackrock, South Co. Dublin
Services Undertaken:

Site & Design Consultation, Garden Design, Garden Construction, Planting

Bespoke seating, Cream Limestone terraces, Restrained planting scheme
Box hedging, Ancient Olive Tree, Japanese Maple, Ornamental Grasses, Herbaceous Perennials, Bulbs.

When we first went to view this awkward garden space, there was a large, old, dilapidated deck, that was completely unusable and dangerous to walk on. Our client really wanted a beautifully landscaped space that she could safely go out to after a hard day’s work to relax and unwind.

The brief for this Garden Design in Blackrock was to create a bright and inviting garden that cleverly utilised all the available space.

We had to put our thinking hats on, and the result was a private oasis of calm and serenity, exactly what our client was searching for.
Clever planting of box hedging, standard Portuguese laurel, grasses, perennials, olive trees and bay hedging we’re used in this small but impactful scheme.

We recently returned to this garden for some top-up garden maintenance. Check out the newest pictures and videos of the garden below in full bloom.


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