Contemporary Outdoor Living Cabinteely

Contemporary Outdoor Living Cabinteely, South Dublin

Cabinteely, South Co. Dublin
Services Undertaken:

Site & Design Consultation, Garden Design, Garden Construction, Planting

Stepping Stones, Cedar Panelling, Artificial Lawn, Limestone Terrace, Water Feature, Lighting Scheme, Privacy Trees
Eleagnus Espallier, Bamboo, Birch, Tree Fern

This garden showcases the amazing results you can achieve if you design your kitchen extension and garden together at the same time, especially if you will have large glass sliders looking at into the garden.
This garden’s transformation started as bare bones block-wall & dilapidated fence. Designed for a young family in Cabinteely. The small footprint is tasked with serving multiple roles: from kids play areas to evening entertainment space, storage shed, privacy buffer to the surrounding houses as well as being the aesthetic backdrop to a new glass-wall extension.

Bearing in mind the compact area the privacy screening is selected as slimline evergreen Espaliers along the back wall, effectively blocking out all onlooking windows to the rear. This drastically improves the privacy of not just the garden but also the client’s kitchen & family area. Living with kids through the Irish seasons means that the lawn is not just essential to keep in place for play but to also ensuring it is usable throughout the year. A space like this justifies the use of artificial lawn so come rain, hail or shine the garden is never off limits.

To achieve multiple uses within the garden we have carefully set the size of the terrace. The terrace protrudes into the lawn just enough to feel generous without compromising the overall balance. By keeping the levels of the lawn & terrace flush with one another allows them be treated as one continuous surface.

A limestone border draws the eyeline around the overall perimeter of this compact space. To ensure that the hard landscaping does not dominate we have foliage between each surface, slim flower beds in front of the shed & freestanding pots of luscious evergreens by the floor-to-ceiling windows. This ensures a lush view onto the garden throughout the year.


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We recently returned to this garden for some top-up garden maintenance. Check out the newest pictures and videos of the garden below in full bloom.


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