At LandArt we can create a garden maintenance programme tailored to your needs and budget, looking after all of your garden needs. We can offer ongoing garden maintenance or one-off type garden clean ups.

Whether you have a small garden or a large garden our expert team of gardeners in Dublin, can come visit you at a time that suits. We’ll take on board your garden ideas, add some of our our own garden ideas and get it looking great in all seasons.

We guarantee the highest standard of care and maintenance for your garden ensuring it develops to its full potential.

Some of the garden maintenance services we offer are:

  • Regular Maintenance Visits
  • Lawn Care, Edging, Mowing
  • Garden Tidy Ups
  • Planting
  • Hedge Trimming & Pruning
  • Power Washing
Garden Maintenance Dublin
Garden Maintenance Dublin

Garden Maintenance visits

We can schedule your garden maintenance so that it is always looking it’s best. We’ll save you time and hassle by ensuring that your garden is kept free from weeds,  provide lawn care, lawn mowing,  lawn fertilising, trimming hedges, pruning plants, powerwashing patios, driveways & walls, and everything in between.

Garden Maintenance Dublin - Lawn Care, Lawn Edging

Lawn Care; Lawn Edging, Lawn Mowing, Fertilising & Weeding

Our garden maintenance team provide a wide range of lawn care services. We can install and maintain lawn edging, ensuring that your lawn is neatly separated from your planting sections and walkways. We also offer lawn mowing for gardens of all size, either on a regular or once-off basis, treating your lawn with the utmost care, providing weeding for all areas of your garden or lawn fertilising if needed to encourage better and more even growth.

Garden Maintenace Dublin - Garden Tidy Ups

Garden Tidy Ups

Perhaps your garden has become over grown, unmanageable or you’ve moved into a new property and you need some help in getting your garden tidied up. Our landscaping team can pay you a visit and help reclaim that valuable space with a one-off garden tidy up, getting it ready for entertaining & relaxing. This service is particular popular for landscaping needed when between tenants at properties, get your garden looking show-house ready!

Garden Maintenance Dublin - Planting


Our garden maintenance team can ensure that all of your planting needs are met and that your plants are well looked after throughout the seasons. LandArt’s very own Dean is particularly well versed in his knowledge of plants and horticulture, with a degree in Landscape Architecture, as well as winning awards at Bloom Festival & Garden Show in Dublin for a number of gardens.

Garden Maintenance Dublin - Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming & Pruning

You’ve been meaning to do it for a while but now your hedges, trees or bushes have become an unruly hassle, encroaching on not only your own garden but your neighbours garden. Contact us for our hedge trimming and pruning services and we’ll send out a tree surgeon or one of our landscaper gardeners to deal with all types of overgrowth, ensuring that your hedges, trees and plants grow back healthily and looking great!

Garden Maintenance Dublin - Power Washing

Power Washing Driveways / Patios

Driveways, walkways, walls and patios become overgrown with moss and the colour of the stone dulls over time. LandArt can visit you for power washing driveways in Dublin, or pressure cleaning of patios, walls and other stone items in your front garden or back garden.

Looking for other Garden Maintenance or Landscaping services?

Make sure to check out our Landscaping, Garden Design & Garden Construction services. Or if you see something not on our website, get in contact and we’re sure we can help!