Dublin landscaping specialists and landscape gardeners LandArt, can visit your garden for a consultation about your landscaping needs. Our team of landscapers in Dublin are highly experienced in this area and offer a range of services to bring your garden ideas to life.

  • Patio Designs & Paving
  • Decking
  • Turfing & Premium Grade Lawns
  • Drainage & Irrigation
  • Site Clearance
Landscaping Dublin

Patio Designs & Paving

Patio designs and paving are one of LandArt’s most popular landscaping services. We’ve completed many patio designs and are full of patio ideas for all types of garden, big or small. Patios help separate the entertaining space of your garden from your planting and lawn. There’s nothing better than being able to sit out & dine alfresco in your garden on a summers day, and our well designed garden patios will further enhance the experience for you and your guests.

At LandArt we can also provide driveway paving. This is an excellent option for keeping your front garden neat and tidy, and in keeping with the rest of your property. The whole driveway can be paved which is great if you do not have time to mow your front garden or alternatively you can just have a section paved and break the rest up into sections of planting. Your front garden is the first thing guests to your house will notice so why not impress them with a driveway from the landscaping team at LandArt.

Landscaping Dublin - Patio Ideas


Decking is a popular alternative to paving or patios. LandArt can design a structure or platform that is in keeping with your garden and your property. We use a variety of composite decking and timber decking, whichever decking type you prefer, and can treat & stain it so that it is Irish weather resistant!

If you have some garden decking ideas but are unsure of how it would work with your garden, get in touch with our landscaping team and we can come visit you for a no obligation chat.

Landscaping Dublin - Decking

Turfing & Roll Out Lawns

LandArt’s landscaping team are experts in turfing and roll out lawns. We can ensure that the old lawn is correctly removed and the ground levelled before we add the turfing or roll out lawn. We’ll also ensure that it is neatly tight up against any curves or edges.

See our gallery for examples of landscaping projects and gardens we have completed!

Landscaping Dublin - Turfing

Drainage & Irrigation

Drainage may play an important role in your garden. Most gardens are relatively flat and are well equipped to deal with excess rain water. However some gardens with a slope may develop problems when rain water runs off the slope into a specific area of the garden or problems can arise with the soil in absorbing rain water. LandArt’s landscapers in Dublin, can solve any issues like this, usually by installing an underground or undersoil drainage system ensuring that the excess water is redirected and making sure the garden does not become water logged.

LandArt are specialists at installing irrigation systems also to ensure that your lawn and plants are evenly watered. These irrigation systems can be either a drip feed type system or sprinkler and can be set to a timer to suit your garden’s needs.

Landscaping Dublin - Drainage & Irrigation

Site Clearance

Before any landscaping or garden construction project you may need to clear your site and prepare it. LandArt offer a site clearance service for all size of property and can ensure that industry practices are met in regards to waste disposal and recycling.

Landscaping Dublin - Site Clearance

Looking for other landscaping or garden services?

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for in the services above make sure to check out our garden maintenance services, planting and garden construction services.